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T-Ball Division

The Tee-Ball Division is FALL’s introductory division, comprised of 5 and 6-year-old first-time players. Players utilize a batting tee and will receive their first exposure to the game, the "team" concept, and begin to learn the fundamentals of baseball. Players will be introduced to coach-pitch as well. No score is kept.  Three outs per inning rule shall not apply - every kid bats per inning.

T-Ball Division Representative:  [email protected]

T-Ball Division Rules


Games are three (3) innings or one hour and thirty minutes, whichever comes first.

All games will be played using the Local League provided leather flexi-ball.

Distance between bases is fifty (50) feet.  Distance between home plate and pitcher’s mound is forty (40) feet.

Prior to each game, Managers shall mark an arc approximately ten (10) feet from home plate and between the foul lines.  A hit ball must travel beyond the arc or it will be called a foul ball.  A ball picked up inside the arc is a foul ball, whether it is still moving or is has stopped. 

Game scores are not kept during the game.  No team standings or player statistics shall be maintained. 

Offensive Play/Batting:

The Offensive team shall provide a coach who will assist each batter at home plate.  That same coach will ensure that all defensive players are ready before each batter attempts to hit a ball off of the tee or from a pitch.  This coach also makes all calls regarding plays at home plate. 

The Offensive team shall have a coach or approved volunteer in the dugout at all times when the players are present.  No player is allowed to hold a bat while in the dugout unless they are moving onto the field of play or returning from the field of play.   

The Offensive team shall supply first and third adult base coaches who will assist the runners on base and shall call all plays on the bases. 

Players must hit off the tee until the second (2nd) Sunday in May of the season.  After the second (2nd) Sunday in May of the season coaches may introduce coach pitch.  It is strongly recommended that coaches start to practice coach pitch with their players for a few weeks before starting.  (See Pitching below)

Teams shall bat their entire roster each inning regardless of the number of outs.  The batting order shall not be changed during the game.  If a Player arrives late to a game, but in time to bat in his/her original slot, then that Player will bat in the original slot shown on the line-up.  If a Player arrives late and is unable to bat in his/her original lineup slot, that Player will be placed at the end of the batting lineup. 

Any batter who throws the bat will be warned that if he/she throws the bat a second time in the game he/she will be called out.  The batter shall be called out the first time the bat is thrown if it hits anyone. 

Bunting is not allowed.

Leading off and stealing bases is not allowed. 

Runners shall not advance to the next base on any passed or overthrown balls. 

Sliding is not allowed.

When a player hits a ball into the field of play that player may only advance to 1st base if the ball does not travel past where the defensive infielders are playing.  When a player hits a ball into the field of play and the ball travels into the outfield past where the defensive infielders were playing that batter may advance as far as second (2nd) base, but will do so at the risk of being thrown out at 2nd base. 

The final batter in each half inning shall run from the batter’s box around all bases (Home Run) once they put the ball into play and is not subject to being thrown out at any base.  The defensive team may attempt a play, but the runner will not be out if they are successful.     

Defensive Play:

Up to three (3) adult defensive coaches are permissible on the field to assist defensive players. 

There is no limit to the number of outs that may be recorded in an inning and the three (3) out per inning rule shall not apply in the T-ball division.  If a player is called out on the base path, he/she does not remain on the base and must leave the field of play, returning to the bench/dugout area.

When playing defense, all team members are on the field.  Infielders (Pitcher, 1st Base, 2nd Base, Short Stop, and 3rd Base) shall play normal positions.  The remaining players will fill the outfield. 

Each Player, in every game, must play at least one (1) defensive inning as an infielder.  No exceptions. 

Outfield positions must be played in the outfield.  Outfield players shall not be permitted to crowd into the infield and shall not be permitted to run into the infield to field a ball that would normally be handled by an infielder.  

The Pitcher must begin within five (5) feet of the pitching rubber. 

No player shall be permitted to play the position of catcher.  No exceptions. 


It is the decision of each Manager to coach pitch after the second (2nd) Sunday in May.  If a Manager decides not to coach pitch during this time then that decision has no bearing on what the opposing team’s Manger does.  Coach pitching is highly recommended after the second (2nd) Sunday in May because it will get the players excited about how they will be playing in the Farm Division. 

After the second (2nd) Sunday in May each batter may receive four (4) pitches from a coach pitcher.  If the batter does not hit the ball into fair play after the batter receives the fourth (4th) pitch (irrespective of pitch quality), then the player shall hit off the tee.  If the batter fouls the fourth (4th) pitch thrown by the coach, he/she will continue to receive pitches until the batter swings and misses at a pitch or puts the ball in fair play, whichever comes first. 

The coach shall only pitch overhand, from a knee/bucket, and from a distance that will give the batter ample time to react to the ball.  The coach is encouraged to pitch a strike to the player no matter how the player swings to teach proper swing to the player. 

Coaches that violate the four (4) pitch rule are subject to disciplinary action including suspension. 

The rule ensures that the defensive team can maintain focus long enough to adequately protect themselves from a hard-hit ball.

(excerpt from the 2018 Folsom American Little League By-Laws)

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