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Covid-19 (Coronavirus) Update

The Covid-19 (coronavirus) pandemic is rapidly changing and impacting communities all across the country and globe. The health and safety of our players, coaches, volunteers, families, and fans is Folsom American Little League's #1 priority. Folsom American Little League is a member of California District 54 Little League and the greater Little League International organization. As our community and our baseball community works through this unprecedented situation, the FALL Board of Directors is committed to keeping players, parents, managers, and coaches updated on the impacts to our season.  

Click here for the current update from Little League International.

May 9: After analyzing the results of the Modified Spring 2020 survey and gathering information on the latest developments in shelter in place orders, FALL is moving forward on planning for a potential summer season between June and August. Parents are asked to complete the Summer Season Participation Survey by Friday, May 13th to let us know if their players are interested in playing during the summer or if they would like a refund instead. 

April 25: We expect to have an update on the 2020 Spring Season soon including a modified schedule for the cookie dough fundraiser. The FALL Board is looking for input from parents on options for a modified schedule for the Spring 2020 season. Please take a few minutes to complete the Modified Spring 2020 Survey

March 21: After a week of meetings with District 54 and other leagues in the region, the FALL Board of Directors met (virtually) on March 20 to discuss plans for the season. Following the direction of Little League International as well as considering the new directives from the State of California and Sacramento County, FALL will delay its spring season until May 11.

March 16:
Little League International issues guidance asking all little Leagues to suspend practices and games until May 11, 2020. The FALL President is meeting with other presidents of District 54 leagues on Wednesday, March 18th and the full FALL Board of Directors will meet on Friday, March, 20. We expect to have more direction after both these meetings.

March 12: Little League International issues guidance asking all Little Leagues to suspend practices and games until April 6, 2020. FALL activities will be suspended through April 6 based on this recommendation. The FALL Executive Committee will meet over the weekend to discuss the situation.

We thank you for your patience. Believe us... we want nothing more than to safely return our players to the fields and fill the bleachers with fans! Just think of this as a really long global rainout and remember that the sun always comes back out. Stay safe and keep those reps up!

For Players

What can I do at home to keep my baseball skills sharp?

This is easy! Keeping your baseball skills sharp is as simple as just going out to your backyard and playing catch for 30 mins a day.  If you are feeling like you want to do more, see Big Al’s Coaching.  Big Al is offering a FREE online program that will help you not only keep the skills you have, but build new ones as well. Click here for his full website.

What can I do to stay in shape?

It is very important that every player gets some physical activity in some form EVERYDAY.  This could be a 30 min jog, 45 min bike ride, even a walk for 45 mins.  Stretching, even jumping jacks, will contribute to not only build a health body, but a healthy mind. 

Are there any private lessons that I can take?

Hard 90 Baseball and Walbeck Baseball Academy are offering training options while kids are at home... check them out. 

I really miss watching baseball. What can I do?

We get it... it’s very upsetting the MLB and NCAA seasons are on hold until further notice.  But you can still get your fill of baseball this spring, here are a few ideas:

1.     Youtube is full of great highlights, special moments, and bloopers galore.
2.     MLB Network always has something baseball related on... catch replays of historic games such as previous World Series and record setting performances.
3.     Baseball video games are always a fun way to get in the baseball mode and they can provide a fun way to improve your Baseball IQ. (Yes... we just told you to go play video games... don't tell your parents.)

I haven't received my uniform yet, when will I get it?

FALL is working with Bases Loaded and coaches to deliver uniforms to those players that haven't received theirs yet.  Don't worry, we'll get it to you as soon as we can!  

For Parents

Will we have a season and when will it take place?

Yes... it just will just look a little different. FALL is working internally as well as with other leagues in District 54 to still run a spring season this year. We learned that Little Leagues across the country, especially those in cold climates, generally don't even start their season until May. So starting a little later in the spring, isn't out of the norm for Little League as a whole.Once we have direction from Little League International and District 54, we will revise our season's schedule. The shift will also likely impact league wide activities such as Picture Day, River Cats Day, and Fan Fest. New dates for these events are still to be determined. 

New: What is the time frame for a late spring season?

We understand a potential late starting Little League season is not ideal and that it might conflict with other sports and obligations. However, with so much uncertainty around the schedule for our schools, status of public gatherings, and other social/sporting events, we do not have enough details at this point to predict any time frame for a late season. We understand that the lack of details is challenging and hope to provide much clearer details once they are available. A lot will depend on what decisions are made within Little League and District 54 as well as the plans of the other youth sports programs in Folsom and the region. We know that many of them are also being forced to reevaluate their plans for their upcoming seasons. Please hang in their with us as we plan for our new season!

If school is cancelled for the rest of the year, will that impact if players can return to baseball?

No. FALL will work with District 54 and state and local health officials to determine when it is safe to return to the fields. We do not need to follow the school districts decision.  

Will a post season be offered?

Our post season generally consists of league wide End of Season Tournaments, the District 54 Tournament of Champions, and, of course, All Stars. We are not sure how the delay in the regular season will impact the post season. We have heard no indications from Little League International that the All Star program will be cancelled. However, we do know the Little League World Series, which is fed by the state All Star programs, will be modified and will not include international play. Champions will be announced for different regions of the world instead.

Will refunds be offered?

Our season is suspended, not cancelled. We are making decisions based on the safety of our community in mind and are working with all public authorities as well as District 54 and Little League as a whole.  We are developing at home training materials and resources as we wait for a change in the situation and are able to return to the fields. Please note that uniforms and equipment have already been purchased on your behalf for the season and making any changes to a player's status will impact the entire team.

For Managers/Coaches/ Team Parents

Please understand everything that has been put in place is for the safety of our players. As managers,coaches, and team parents, you are a key part of our program.  We expect you to help keep our players safe by suspending ALL team activities until further notice.  We will not tolerate any Manager or Coach that puts the safety of our players at risk.

Should I put together an “off the record” practice or scrimmage for my team prior to the delayed start of the season?

No. All the guidance FALL has been given has been to suspend all activities.  Having any practice or scrimmage goes against that guidance.  Also realize, when you hold a non-approved game/practice/scrimmage, FALL's insurance will not cover you or the players.  Any liability issues would fall on you personally or on your parents.  We believe it simply isn't a risk worth taking.  Please respect the guidance that has been given.

What if I haven't picked up my team's uniforms from Bases Loaded yet?  

No worries!  FALL has you covered. We are working with our representatives at Bases Loaded to collect all uniforms that have not been picked up. We will contact you once we have them in hand on ways to get them to players.

When will practices resume?

Once we have more details from District 54 and Little League and can put together a modified schedule, you will be the first group we notify.

Do we still collect fundraising information from players?

FALL needs your fundraising this year more than ever! And what a better way to stock your freezer and those of your neighbors than to order some frozen pizzas, pretzels and cookie dough. The deadlines and pickups will of course be modified so keep on the lookout for those - but please continue to promote and sell as best you can during this time. We are in the process of working with our vendor to identity ways to either place or collect orders electronically so stay tuned!

Do we still collect River Cats ticket sales information from parents?

Our contact with the River Cats informed us that while their schedule is a little uncertain at this time, they fully expect to have a season this year and will be working to reschedule previously planned Little League nights. We will keep you updated as we find out more information and will send details on a rescheduled date. Until then, hold any tickets orders you already collected. 

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